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Every great community has celebrations and traditions. These events or gatherings might be the Memorial Day parade, the town fair, carnival, or tree lighting ceremony. At these classic American events, you find the band. The school band that is marching in that parade, performing the National Anthem at the opening of the fair, or serenading at the lighting ceremony. The school band is an iconic piece of our history.

Round Lake Music has a great history of stellar music-making and unity. We thrive on our high character students, dedicated parents, supportive administration, and compassionate community. However, we are in need of resources if we want our students to be able to continue their pursuit of excellence. We can clearly see that your company is successful because of similar values. 

Historically, the Round Lake Music program was at one point nationally renowned. Barbara Buehlman successfully led the program for many years. During her reign, the band performed at numerous elite venues and events including the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. During the long success of the program, the beginning band program would average 150-175 5th grade students enrolled per year. In 1971 & 1972, the elementary and middle school band enrollment reached over 400 students. Currently, the Round Lake Music program serves nearly 1,000 students in grades 4-12. While due to various hardships in the past years, we are not at the peak of the performance we once were in the golden years of the program. We have taken many great steps forward in the past several years to galvanize the program. The program has added classes, various ensembles, and opportunities, and retained and increase numbers in the program. We continue to add students to the program each day. Because of this resurgence of the program and the vastness of the program and years past, many of our instruments, equipment, and facilities have received great wear and tear. 

There is a strong need for many improvements. The teachers, administration, parents, and students have already donated their time, money, and other resources to the cause. Everyone can clearly see changes in the program. Excitement is growing. If we are to continue this growth and drive, we need other helping hands. If we want this program to be able to compete with the other great band programs throughout the state, we need everyone's help to achieve this goal.

We are already in the throes of various other fundraisers. We need your help with one aspect of the program in particular. Several aspects of our facilities are outdated or in disrepair. We need to replace our chairs and music stands.

Thank you for your support and contribution!

About Us

We Need Your Support Today!

Our music program has the potential to continue to build upon on our excellence. However, a music program has needs and we greatly appreciate any help that you can give. Below are list of our past sponsors and further items that we need. 

If you have an instrument, you or your child no longer uses. Please let us know. We will gladly take it off your hands in any condition. We can always generate a donation receipt for you.

If you would like to donate in some form, please contact our boosters. If you would just like to donate any denomination, you can make checks out to Round Lake High School Fine Arts Boosters.

You can send donations to Round Lake High School Fine Arts Boosters 800 High School Dr. Round Lake, IL 60037.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Round Lake High School Music Department is to foster students’ fullest potential as competent musicians and aesthetic performers in a positive environment that nurtures everyone’s abilities as holistic learners through which they will learn important life skills that will help develop strong leaders and productive members of society.


Heritage, Tradition, & Philosophy

The Round Lake Music has developed a proud tradition of excellence for quite some time now. Members of this organization, assume the responsibility of continuing this proud tradition, which has been established by others that have come before us through dedication, devotion, and hard work. The Round Lake Music program is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for its students in the performing arts. All educational activities will take place in an atmosphere which promotes social and artistic development of the students through creative and innovative programs, each based upon high quality leadership and instruction. In addition, it is our belief that "the process is just as important as the product." This places the emphasis on the development and growth of each individual student, not on specific performances.


Our Values


F.R.A.P. is an abbreviation of our core values: Family, Responsibility, Attitude, and Pride. They are at the center of the decisions we make and how we conduct ourselves in and outside of the classroom. These values were chosen by the students of the program. They decided how they wanted to carry themselves and what they wanted to be known for. It has built a strong foundation for the program to thrive on and continue to succeed. Read more about how we implement F.R.A.P. on a daily basis below.

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